Child Care WAGE$® Tennessee rewards Early Childhood Educators with financial incentives based on their education and continuity of employment.  By increasing teacher retention, WAGE$ provides children with more stable relationships and better-educated teachers. WAGE$ addresses individual professional development efforts and low wages, but does not affect budgets, regular wages or parent fees within the child care program.

The WAGE$ program was initially funded by the City of Chattanooga. Over a six-month period, beginning April 2019, $75,000 in supplements went to 73 Early Childhood Educators from 29 child care centers.  Because of the success of the local program, the Tennessee Department of Human Services has expanded the program statewide. As of January 2022, WAGE$ has given out over four million dollars in salary supplements to almost 1,600 educators spread across all four corners of Tennessee.

Child Care WAGE$® Tennessee is licensed by Child Care Services Association of Chapel Hill, NC. Signal Centers is the program administrator of WAGE$.

Through this partnership, WAGE$ is enhancing the professional development of Early Childhood Educators in Tennessee to ultimately improve the quality of care and education for the children in their classrooms.

To learn more about the WAGE$ program or to become a participant contact us at: 423-698-8528 #650 or #651 or email us at: wages@signalcenters.org